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Executive Committee

  • Jennifer Compton, president
  • Christopher Pinckney, vice-president
  • Dennis McLean, treasurer
  • Kay Mathers, secretary
  • Sherry Watts, immediate past president.

    Board members include:

  • Kelly Abercrombie
  • Claudia Cardillo
  • Kim Davis
  • Stacy Hanan
  • Molly Jackson
  • Patrick DelMedico
  • Michele Senglaub
  • Courtney Wise Snyder
  • Greg Twarowski
  • Sheba Matheu

    Star Student

  • Avery Brannan
  • Alicia Chalmers

    Girls Inc. Alumna

    Alicia Chalmers Alicia owns her own business, Horizon Title Services. The most exciting thing in her life is her son, Colt and her life motto is "Live Well, Laugh Often, Laugh Much".

    Nancy Cason

    Girls Inc. Alumna

    Nancy Cason Nancy is an attorney in Sarasota, Fl. Her motto is "work hard, play hard, be honest and be true to yourself."

    Dawnyelle Singleton

    Girls Inc. Alumna

    Dawnyelle Singleton Dawnyelle is a Graphic Designer and Girls Inc. staff member. Her motto is "Every day in every way, my life is getting better!"

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